Over-Prized Burgers & Juggling Three Books

By Tabitha Makumi,
Here goes nothing…There are a few things which I am willing to spend a few cash on without batting an eyelash. (well, maybe a little) Don't you just love a big old good juicy burger when you've had a good or a crappy day and just want to fill your mouth with some juicy, delish meat? Remember that episode on How I Met Your Mother when Ted Mosby and crew are searching for the “best burger” in New York? Well, I just wanted you to remember the episode…there’s no correlation of what I am about to write and that brilliant show.

So what do you do, you walk into Urban Gourmet at 10 freaking pm or one of those “out of your league” places if you have a few shillings to spare or when you are clearly out of your darn mind and don’t care how much you will have to part with for an good old burger. Order something cheesy and drown your sorrows away…. A good drink (Nothing hard… just a cocktail or some over the top sugary milkshake) will suffice at this point and life has never been this frigging good.

Another thing is books. I am a big old giant sucker for the written word….alright, let’s not get crazy, nothing academic or “meaningful” (haha!). When I say books I mean literature….science fiction, drama fiction…you get the drill... If we are buddies and we had plans of a “night out” (nothing cray cray) and on the other hand I had a chapter of “The Post Office,” by Charles Bukwoski (best badass writer!) …let’s just say, I would have a hard time making a decision of how I would spend my evening.

“Why Fiction, why not a meaningful book which will help you in the future.” Quite a common question among peers….sometimes you have to grit your teeth, fake a smile and say “Fiction books are books too you know.”  And maybe make a mental reminder to purchase a "grown up" sort of book in the near future.

Which brings me to what this article is supposed to be…a book review. Books have a way of being there for you. (I don’t like how that sentence sounds) Whether you need to escape from something, when you need a good old laugh or when you need to expand your view of the world (whatever that means) But hey, if books are not your kind of an ideal respite, I get it…no need to pretend and gush about things which you are not into…we don’t break bones here…you do you! Hahaha!

So, what have I been reading? A couple of books … Reading multiple novels at a go has never been my thing. I’ve always been a one book kind of girl (see, what I did there) but most book lovers I have met have always prided themselves in being able to read or juggle multiple books at a go…I do like a good challenge… So dear old me decided to read three books at a go… few words sum up the whole experience…Messy, confusing and “never doing this again.”

Let’s start with “Breaking the Silence,” by Diane Chamberline. I should have been done with this book already but I still have a few chapters to go…Lest you are wondering, there’s nothing boring about it …but there is some insurmountable level of sadness to it that just gets to you…The book is about a young girl who may or may not have watched her father blow his brains out. Her mother is beyond frustrated because this sweet girl hasn’t uttered a word since she watched her father do the unthinkable… What follows is a journey of a mother trying to get her once chatty and bubbly girl to start talking again…The book also has a backstory which will leave you saying … OMG!...Well, maybe  I am exaggerating  a little…Let’s just say you will be flabbergasted. (Terrible word by the way…who uses flabbergasted in a sentence anyway….oral or otherwise….tsk, tsk, tsk)

Another great read on my list is, “The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl,” by Issa Rae. Got it as soon as it arrived at Text Book Centre at Sarit (bragging much) speaking about the title though… I still think there should have been an “An” between of and Awkward… The title should have read “The Misadventures of An Awkward Black Girl”…but what do I know…I am just a kid from Africa.    

I wouldn’t categorize the book as fiction though…more like a memoir. Part of the book reads…“I’m awkward…and black. Someone once told me those were the two worst things anyone could be. That someone was right. Where do I start?”

But maybe what I like more other than the mushy and self-deprecating stuff is Issa’s way of writing which provides a comedic relief and an inevitable combination of qualities that make for great books and television… what’s more, she has an insightful mind and an incredible sense-of-humor.

What’s the third book? Uuuuh….give me a minute…see, my head is scattered right now…this was not a good challenge at all. “The Call of the Wild,” by Jack London ...truthfully, I am still trying to get my bearings with this one. No lies (I am terrible at those) I haven’t read a darn page but I will sure tell you about it if it floats my boat.

So yeah, three books at a go…challenge not accepted.

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