Small Moments & Lifetime Impact

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By Tabitha Makumi,
I am in a race against time. I haven’t made a single post this month, hence the panic..because what’s life if I can’t live up to my own deadlines and commitments? One whole freaking month and nothing to show for it…way to go Tabitha, Bravo!

So here I am…scrambling for content to fill up a page. And then it hits me like a jackhammer, I haven’t written a movie or series review of late. Mmmmh…there’s your article young lady. So, what do I review?

I watched “Bright” a couple of days ago, brilliant movie, loved Will Smith and the track song “Home” by X Ambassadors and Machine Gun Kelly, dope song….but it wasn’t my kind of movie. It really didn’t move me except for one or two scenes. If you loved the movie- which a lot of people did, please don’t come for my head. Maybe I will get the drift after a second watch…or maybe third…talk of being slow

So, where does that leave me? The last series that I reviewed was “This is Us,” I raved about Season one and told you it was the best thing since sliced bread. My, my, was I right or was I right? Please don’t roll your eyes at this “cheat article” or my inability to find up-to-date programs which will whet your binge watching appetite.

“This is Us” Season 2 it is then… As a series marathon viewer, I was done watching about 12 episodes under one night. (Nothing to be proud of, although I have a stupid grin right now. Don’t know why) Sure you’ve done the same thing, “One more episode” you keep saying to yourself and before you know it, you are already 9 or 10 episodes in too deep and can’t bring yourself to switch the darn thing off. What’s a couple more episodes? And voila! It’s already 3.00 in the freaking morning. The series is over and you don’t know how to go back to your “normal life,” whatever that maybe.

“This is Us” is easy to watch. I don’t know if the word “easy” does this incredible series enough justice though. So, let me break it down a bit. When you are an aspiring writer with ambitions of writing a dramedy for TV someday, “This is Us”, is what you dream to have written or to write.  The themes are so well interwoven, character development so well integrated, a captivating storyline to boot and just enough soundtracks to well up your eyes at the right time.

I pride myself in being a “tough cookie” and usually laugh at TV shows when they try to use “pathos” in an attempt to win my soft side…but something about this show got to me on the first episode. “This is Us” continues to tug at heartstrings with an emotional exploration of family that ensures viewers will want to keep their tissues close.

Maybe I should tell you about my favourite episode on Season 2, titled “Number One”.  (Spoilers ahead) This is an episode about Kevin (Justin Hurtley). One of the twins. Cocky, complex, goofy, pointblank messy and… did I say messy? Just a boy with a dream of becoming a pro footballer. He is the “It” guy in high school. Girls love Kevin. Everybody loves Kevin. He is on top of the world. Nothing can stop Kevin. He’s on the verge of winning a football scholarship. Yeah Kevin!

Not so fast young man. Boom, there’s a freak football accident, he hurts his knee…there goes the dream. What now? Will that keep him down forever? He finds another dream…this time in acting…he is older now, god, I wish he was just a tiny bit wiser.

Not to give away so much about the episode but you watch the show and your heart just breaks for Kevin. Sure, he could use a slap every now and then (ha-ha) to jolt his senses… but somewhere along the line you start to see yourself in Kevin. You start to resonate with him (I am yet to decide whether this is a good or really bad idea) And oh, when Kevin cries, you know that genuine cry that chills you to your bones? You feel it.

When all is said and done, This Is Us is really about consequences, cause and effect and how one seemingly small moment can make a lifetime of an impact. The fact that it's so popular, emotional or relatable will turn some people off, but I say take the show for what it is.

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