A Road Trip & A Wasted Weekend

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By Tabitha Makumi,
It’s one of those Saturday mornings...You know the ones when you are wide awake at 6.00am. Your body clock is so disciplined it deserves a darn medal. So you just lay there and stare at the ceiling. Wait, is that a spider web? And if it’s, where is the eight-legged monster? Could it be dangling over your head? Panic mode! But seriously though, you need to up your cleaning skills…maybe today…maybe tomorrow…maybe not.

Let’s call it a stay in doors kind of a weekend. As a deep rooted introvert there’s nothing else you would rather be doing than just chill out. Hear yourself think. But this doesn’t happen often. “You need to get out of the house this weekend,” one of your friends will call at around 10.00am. “Stop hiding...stop eating...stop sleeping...” and all those things “normal” people assume introverts do. Which is kinda true...when introverts find something they like, they go all in. They find this one or two things and let it consume them until it kills them.

You have options at your disposal…Maybe you should read that novel which has been on the bedside table for two weeks now. “Big Little Lies” by Lianne Moriarty. Brilliant book but for the life of you, you don’t know why it’s taking you forever to get through it. Come to think of it, it’s been taking you awfully long to just be done with books nowadays. What used to take 3 days now takes a week or two. Maybe you are just a little busy or a tad lazy OR you’ve come to realize that reading novels is not a competition to see how many books you can down in a month...it’s more a journey, taking time to experience the book. Hahaha...Such baloney you like to feed yourself...you are just lazy.

Or you could just watch TV. No pressure there. Maybe start with a rerun of “Don’t Drive Here” on Discovery Channel. Watch the Nairobi episode. You can’t help but love the way Andrew what’s his second name says the word mkokoteni and ma-ta-tu and how he treats the whole experience of driving in Nairobi seem like some dangerous affair...which come to think of it, it’s a maddening world out there.

Your plans to spend the weekend loafing around are soon to be dashed. It’s around 9.30 when the phone rings. You debate with yourself for a few seconds. Should you pick up or not? You listen to your ringtone and make a mental reminder to change it. Lana Del Ray is dope but “High by the Beach” has got to go.

You decide to pick up the phone. It’s an old college mate who works for Capital FM and every-time you see each other she tries to convince you to take up a job in the media industry. Or any job for that matter. "You've got to apply for this Assistant Director job I saw on Brighter Monday." You laugh when you read the job description. Your friend means well...but damn! She is a bubbly character, an extrovert and somehow you wonder how your relationship, friendship, whatever you want to call it has survived this long. You dread the call will veer towards an interview they’ve set up for you without asking if you are interested or not...but she instead says, “How do you feel about a road trip to Nanyuki?”

After inquiring about who else will be joining you, you find yourself saying yes. Your friend is surprised…astonished even.. by this new you. The saying yes you. “It will be fun,” they say and you start wondering if you really want to spend your weekend in a cramped RAV 4 with a bunch of people (i am sorry...friends) or spend some “me time” which you won’t regret come Monday morning.

It turns out to be an awesome ride. 5 ladies on a road trip to Nanyuki...what could go wrong? I will tell you what could go wrong. How about running out of fuel somewhere near Nyeri, or having a blasted tyre and realizing your friend does have a spare but none of you sissies knows how to change one anyway. And when some guys on a motorbike decides to help you out, you begin a small fight on what kind of songs you should listen to. Bob Marley or the top twenty count down on X FM?

These are the stuff memories are made of. You laugh at the madness of it all. You’ve got to learn how to change a tyre though. You are a modern day young lady and such things should be as natural as breathing. Next time you have a blasted tyre you can say, “Hand me that thing. I’ve got this.”

As you make your way through Nyeri and its green picturesque scenery, you retrieve your phone and drown yourself in a couple of Ryan O Connell articles on Thought Catalog. Google this fella. You’ve got to read this guys work. He writes like a dream. Humorous, unpretentious, real and he isn’t afraid or scared to write what he feels. So uninhibited. I can only dream to write so fluidly and effortlessly. He has a couple of books which I am yet to get my hands on... and since my birthday (yikes) is coming up in a few weeks, you now know what to get me. Hint...hint..

Somehow you are glad you came out on this road trip. Sure you don’t know how to change a freaking tyre, Your limbs will hurt like hell come Monday...but, memories are made of cheap thrills such as road trips and sipping cellar cask wine from plastic cups...Right?