This is Us: Career Crisis, Self-Doubt & Tears

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By Tabitha Makumi,
Confession; I get giddy like a child when I discover new TV shows on some list titled say “10 Shows You Must Watch Before You Die” on GQ or new Folk/Indie/Alternative songs on You Tube. Look at how I used that word… “Discover” how often do we say that? “Oh, I just ‘discovered’ this new show on Amazon Prime” or “I recently ‘discovered’ Rag’N’Bone songs and man are they dope or what!”

Everybody just take a chill pill, you didn’t discover jack, you just happened to stumble upon a decent show or song. C’,mon! you didn’t go on some excavation spree…nah…you just sat on your desk, wasting your employer’s internet for the better part of the day. No talent needed there, no energy required…just happenstance.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way…I will get straight to the point. This is Us. One hell of a show if you like watching people deal with real issues which I will tell you all about in the next paragraph or so. But maybe I should be a little bit honest. I loathe “everyone is talking about it kind of programs.' The kind of shows everyone and their mother swears is the best thing since penicillin.

The things is, you will have your interests piqued from here to the moon and back. “This show is epic!” they will sell the program to you. From Variety to your movie guy in his little cubicle. “This show is hot friggin’ blah…” “It’s the best thing we’ve watched since ‘The Godfather’ … And then you watch it and you are like “What am I missing? Am I some sort of a special sucker for not getting what everyone is raving about?”

Well, ‘This is Us’ has been hyped as a tear-jerker. Which made me hesitant at first. I didn't want to raise my hopes up and later find out I am watching some mediocre crap. Turns out, it lives up to its hype. And I do realize I am a little bit late to the party since the show is already on its second season. Watching “This Is Us” is like getting beaten up with a pillow soaked in tears,” reads a review on New York Times.

So yes, back to the issues I was telling you about. My favourite…Career Crisis; you are in your late 30's, way, way deep into your thirties and your career or whatever you want to call it is shit. Pure dog shit. You look back and wonder if what and who you are now is the best you are ever going to be. How did you fuck up so bad? Is there redemption for you in the near future? Should you quit while you are still youngish or continue with the fuckery?

The show also delves on weight issues. How big is too big? Can you still be on the plus side and be content with the person you've become...or…should you conform to society's standard of what it deems as “right body" and still be a miserable sob? 

It’s basically all the things I like to watch on TV. How do I explain this without sounding condescending? It has that “real” issues vibe like “Shameless”. Nothing glamorous about that brilliant show if you’ve had time to catch an episode or two. Real people. Fucked up lives. Family. Tears and did I say Real people?