When Your Fridge is Empty & Other Stories

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By Tabitha Makumi,

I find it hard to focus when my electricity meter is reading 10.17 or thereabout. (I have been trying to write this article for the past two weeks) Now, if you’ve been in this situation (being broke), it’s a sucky situation to be in. What, the month is on its 23rd day, the fridge is looking empty save for a half bit apple in the middle shelve, a cup of Tuzo yoghurt stares back at you but you are pretty sure it’s expired. But you can’t just bring yourself into discarding it lest your sorry fridge will look like a cupboard for your warus and cabbages. Come to think of it, if you had a sleep over, one of your skinny buddies, could bank in there for the night.

I swear I am getting to the point in a bit (which is a series review). You’ll see. It will all add up. So,
you are thinking, what can I possibly switch off and push through the month. (a little bit late for that now, don’t you think?) So, you start changing the orange bulbs to energy saving ones, you decide no more than two minutes in the shower, eff clothes that need ironing because that sucker can really drown your electricity. No more smoothies, and you really don’t need those homemade juices anymore, they have not been working anyway.

Suddenly, you understand why your dad would get all fussy when he found the lights to the unoccupied rooms on. Well, here you are, cycle of life, karma…whatever you want to call it. But even with all this self- power rationing, the TV stays untouched. “TV haitumiangi stima mingi” you’ve heard people say this and there’s no way on earth you’re going to be broke and not drown yourself in a few episodes of The Night Manager…. The Real Househelps of Kawangware…whatevs gets your goat. (Yes, I just wrote whatevs)

On such lousy days, you’ll want something to liven up your moods. Tragically funny, dramatic, nonchalant, captivating dialogue, brilliant cast….Lethal Weapon will do it for you. At least it did for me. Coolest (I need to find a new word) show I have watched in a long darn time.

If you are fed up with tough cop shows which are up in your face with brawny looking FBI dudes and latest tech gizmos in the crime scenery, then this Fox’s re-make drama won’t disappoint your TV appetite.

Starring Damon Wayans, him from My Wife and Kids (I am sure he has done other gigs in the recent past) he plays a role of a sound minded cop. Neat family, focused… he is basically the “have it together kind of sod”. The kind that would tut-tut at your electricity meter and ask what in god’s name did you spend your money on. Pizza? Frozen yoghurt? Cheap wine? Tut…tut

Then there’s the kind of guy I like to watch on TV. Albeit with a clichéd back story (dark history, rugged, depressed, don’t care aura…you get the drill), Clayne Crawford (you’ve seen him on 24, and Rectify) plays a broken cop who’s stuck in a rut….

“Riggs is the kind of guy who is so broken and so sad that everything he does is a façade and a show. You have to laugh at him for crying. Riggs is so out there and so big. But what I'm trying to create is only the audience sees the sad side of Riggs. Everyone in his world only sees this crazy goofball. He's not crazy. He's just broken and he just doesn't care anymore,” said the actor in a recent interview with Esquire.

I will tell you what...Riggs exudes a believable combination of anguish and charm, and Wayans’ Roger Murtaugh character is bemused and frustrated in mildly entertaining ways.  I won’t say it’s the best thing since sliced bread, but it’s meant to be enjoyable, light program providing that kind of weekly escape in an honorable endeavor.