Juggling Between Bachelor of Medicine/ Surgery & Writing! Meet Gideon Mutai

Gideon Mutai

By Tabitha Makumi,
Second time interviewing this chap. First time was a year ago maybe? I had this gig with an online publication and I reached out to him and he was down with it. But this isn’t about me and my prowess (or lack of it) in chasing folks for interviews…. but about a young lad who gives hope to young Kenyan writers. (Even the ones who struggle with demons of writer’s block every couple of weeks to months to goddamn years)

Hope that even with all the bullshit writers get, you know, from being asked “Apart from writing, what else do you do?” to condescending phrases such as “Anybody can write these days….”  that despite all that hogwash, it can be done.

Long story short....Mutai is a seasoned poet (with several books available on Amazon), Playwright and a motivational writer-cum-speaker. 

Apart from writing what else do you do? (see what I did there?)

I am a student, currently in 6th year pursuing Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery at Egerton University.

Any career regrets so far?
I don’t regret whatsoever. In fact, at times I wonder what I would be doing if not medicine. I have not found a definite answer yet but probabilities loom around.

Who has had the most impact in your career?
My parents have had a great influence in my life. I see how they struggle for me to have the best in life and that is enough to tell me that my appreciation will only be shown in my hard work.

What are some of your most notable works?
Well, two of my books are published (More are coming soon). The first is Revived Through Poetry (anthology) and The Optimist’s Creed (motivational book). All of them are available on Amazon and other online bookstores.

What’s the most offensive thing you’ve heard people say about writers?
Mmmh, I don’t quite remember. Probably I have not been keen on giving them my ear. I just block out what doesn’t help me improve my writing.

Are there parts of your job that make you want to go aaaaargh!?
Yes. Clerking (taking patient’s history) Also when I cannot figure out what they are suffering from. It’s also maddening when I cannot figure out the head or tail of their story.

What gets you up early in the morning?
I have an alarm to do the job but it has failed severally. Books, whether it’s reading or writing them do the job better.

What’s your advice to young people aspiring to become writers?
Writing is a journey, it is never a destination. You learn when you read other people’s work and accept positive criticism of your work. You cannot reach a point you will say you have reached the epitome of it.

Even the best writer has someone they look up to. So just keep writing, over and over and by that your skills will improve. Writing is one thing and publishing is another whole different thing. Read to improve and update your knowledge database; write to sharpen your pen.

After a long day at work you like to go home and…?
Sleep. I love it. Only books can separate me from my love, sleep.

You can visit his blog HERE