Don’t Go To The Comment Section

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By Tabitha Makumi,
You could be having an awesome day. One that would make Oprah jealous (you know the one Anthony Hamilton sings about in Pray For Me; (“I would be so good even Oprah would be jealous of you…”) No traffic, no one telling you to Mpesa them a few cheddar on the darning third week of the month, awesome playlist on Capital FM or Radio Jambo or whatever station floats your boat. And then out of nowhere, KABOOM!

You are on Facebook. Scrolling down your timeline. Your neat timeline with few friends (250) you actually know of and news outlets. CNN, NBC, BuzzFeed, NTV, Inooro, Huffington Post, you know, the whole shabang. No one else knows this but you also follow “Keeping up with the Kardashian” or
The Real Housewives of which ever state… Oh the shame… But the only reason you follow this clan is because like everybody else you want to know what the fuss is all about and why the tabloids (and mainstream media) always gets a hard on when something happens to this lot.

So, you scroll down … a few likes here and there. You are feeling generous; you react with a ‘wow’
emoji to some of the posts. Something catches your eye… Something to do with Ruto, something about Trump and his sheep, something about global warming, something to do with the Murang’a dam or something about Syria or that cool Philippines president who isn’t afraid to tell UN and the EU to shove it.

Your finger lingers on the comment icon, should you click on it or just move on? How bad can it be? What the hell…. you click. Three seconds later you wish you didn’t come to this rotten neighborhood. Shoulda have just moved along but you are now here. What’s the saying again…. “It's like a bad car accident, it hurts to look, but you just can't turn away…”

The worst are those to do with politics, feminism, religion and sexuality. You haven’t had an unwanted migraine until you’ve seen strangers trying to kill each other on the internet over religion. Which religion is better than the other and which is going to hell in a handbasket. “Your religion does this…” “But mine does better this” “Yours doesn’t allow this and that….” Blah blah effing blah

Don’t even get me started on posts that have anything to do with politics. Whether people are arguing about 2017 General Elections on NTV or KTN Facebook page or the US presidential debate on CNN or Fox News, the vitriol is the same. (Vitriol…. Learnt of that word when I once wrote a short op-ed article for Daily Nation using “hateful comments” and the editor changed it to “vitriol” … what a lol moment)

The biggest dilemma is that you really don’t know if these are just keyboard warriors with nothing better to do with their time or it’s just the way people are. Forget the feign smiles and the nice clothes, education and all that …. Way deep down where it counts, people are just that…. Warped.

You can laugh through it. I find it’s the best to thing to do when going through this wasteland called the comment section. Better than to give myself a hernia.  Be amused that “someone just wrote that and went on to live their lives and there’s nothing you can do about it.”