The Path…. Careful Not To Join a Cult

The Path Cast (image courtesy)

By Tabitha Makumi,

You know those TV shows you swear they are going to be dope from the get go? You haven’t even started binge watching them through the night but the moment you see that poster hanging on your tiny movie guy’s shop, you just know it. This is it!

How do I put this? It’s just like how most fellas are bound on Quantico because there’s this hot damsel in distress playing tough and all. (I am talking to you Steve) They could swear it’s the greatest thing they’ve ever watched even if the story-line is banal, vague and kinda cheesy. (Hides)

Complete opposite with The Path. Google it and see what I am raving about. Compelling story, check. Thought provoking, check. Superb acting, check. Brilliant Cast, check, check and check. This riveting drama looks at faith through the eyes of a cult and shows you how hunger for power corrupts men…and women. Mostly men.

Picture a gated community where the lost and hurting live without the interference of the ‘outside’
world. People who’ve been through traumatic events in their lives. Child molestation, rape, drug overdose, loss of a loved one or just simply people who are looking for something or someone to believe in. What do all these people crave? To "unburden" themselves and "find the light" in their own lives. I swear the number of times you hear the word “unburden yourself” will make you want to gorge your eyes out with a spoon.

The cast did it for me. First off there is the brilliant Hugh Dancy. Convincing, lost, charismatic, conniving and hungry for power….all the impeccable recipe for a perfect cult leader. He can sell water to a well, as Jay Z puts it. Just like his awesome acting in Hannibal (another brilliant show albeit nightmarish), Dancy will have you saying sign me up! A grand scene is when he tells a father to a drug addict son whom he wants to reform, “I don’t want your fucking million dollars, I just want your faith….” Crazy stuff.

Then there’s Jesse Pinkman….my bad, Aaron Paul. Remember Breaking Bad? He will always be Jesse to me. You almost expect him to say … "Yeah Mr White….Yeah, Science.” Or “Are we in the meth business, or the money business?”… Anyway, he rocks his role as Eddie, a believer struggling with his faith and questioning the ways of The Path. A good father and an okay husband with several odds stacked up against him.

Finally there’s Michelle Monaghan from Gone Girl Gone and Justice League. She plays Sarah, Eddie’s wife. A staunch believer in the same league as Hugh Dancy (Cal) Here’s a woman who will banish you from her life if you show the slightest sign of a wavering faith. Plus let’s not forget how she kidnaps her husband’s supposed mistress, and tells her to confess and “unburden herself”. Argh, that word again.

Verdict is, The Path is a brilliant show with stellar acting and deft writing.