The Beautiful Lie…Kudos to My Movie Guy

By Tabitha Makumi,

(Photo Courtesy)
 Generally I don’t like watching the mushy stuff.  You know, love themed kind of shows fueled by feelings from here to eternity. Who needs that? Give me comedy (idiotic even), detective and cop shows and I am good. Which is why I was skeptical of “The Beautiful Lie “when my movie guy suggested that I should try it out.

Which begs the question, has your movie guy recommended a movie or series with a lot of enthusiasm you could almost swear it was the coolest thing you were ever going to watch?  Been there and most times I am left wondering “The fuck am I watching?” but I will continue watching because I don’t want my fifty shillings to go to waste. I know, I need to get a life.

Where was I….Oh Yeah…? “The Beautiful Lie…”  Turns out my movie guy has developed some
good taste of late. Talk of a brilliant fast paced show that will make you laugh, angry, question everything you know about relationships and shake your head when some of the characters are hell bent on making the worst decisions you could possibly think of.

This intense 6 episodes series is all about family, friends, relationships, love, lust, and everything in between. Talk of a boyfriend who dumps his girlfriend during their engagement party or this particular guy who is always pining for a girl he could never have. Or this sorry lad who finds out that sleeping with the house help was not a brilliant or an original idea after all.

And my all-time favourite is the star to this heart-breaking show. A woman. Not just a woman but a woman who at first glance has it all. A great career, a great partner, awesome kid, dazzling life …You know, the works. But she is not done, not yet.

Quick question; what do you do when you meet the love of your life when you are already ‘happily’ married…..or supposed to be? I will tell you what. To hell with reason, your husband, your kid and your career. You only live once, right?

At least that’s the mantra Anna Ivin lives by. But maybe the wretched thing about this whole fiasco is that even after flipping her middle finger to the naysayers and getting together with this guy who is supposed to complete her (whatever that means) while trying to fight back tears you still hear her say, “I am at a point in my life where I can go back or forward” (or something close to that)

At this point you can’t help wonder of whatever happened to her happy ending. Was it all a fallacy? C’mon world, wasn’t the love of her life meant to make her life complete? Final question, what happens when you chase after something, a job or a person only to be left with a foul taste in your mouth?

No spoilers here but I will tell you what, the ending to this Australian series is something you won’t see coming :)