Nurse Jackie….For the Laughter, Misery & Brilliant Lies

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By Tabitha Makumi,
Ever watched a fantastic show and all you could think of was “Where have you been all my life…” or “Why have I never heard of this eccentric show before?”

Nurse Jackie is the kind of show that breaks your heart a million times and makes you so livid you decide not to watch anymore episodes. But that’s just bullshit on your part. You always come back for the laughter, heartbreak and of course for the brilliant lies peddled by Jackie Peyton played by the super talented Edie Falco.

This is the kind of show you watch without judging the characters (especially Jackie) You just have to take them as they are but you can always scream at your screen when you’ve had enough of the characters baloney (especially Jackie’s).
Nurse Jackie is all about family, careers, and friendships. Talk of messed up relationships, lies, broken families but most importantly it’s all about prescription drugs dependence and how easy it’s to get hooked.

I will tell you what, after watching a couple of Nurse Jackie episodes your nostrils will start to hurt or itch each time she lines the crashed pain killers in one neat line. When you are left with a sick feeling in your stomach, Jackie is all cool and dandy.

But Jackie isn’t your regular kind of addict. This is a nurse who actually gives a crap about her patients. After watching all seven seasons, it hits you that she actually cares for them. Even when she is as high as a kite, she is the kind of nurse you want by your side when you are lying in a hospital bed having the worst day of your life.

Which makes it extremely hard to judge or hate what she does. Hell, she lies to everybody around her, does juvenile shit to keep up with her habit, breaks her marriage, messes up her kids, loses her job but you can’t help but to root for her. Matter of fact, you are not even worried for her, because let’s face it, if anyone can handle any hardships thrown her way, it’s Jackie Peyton.

Personally I think she is way cooler when she is high (What does this say about me?). After she tries to get sober because everyone in her life says it’s the right to do or because she has to pass some pee test, all you want to do is scream at your screen with “Bring the fun Jackie back!”

Trust me, after you are done being nervous watching Jackie in the first season, you can barely wait for the next episode to see what the good old saint Jackie has done now.

And maybe my all-time favourite scene is in Season 2 Finale when Jackie is locked in the bathroom. She looks in the mirror then swallows some pills and says "Hi, my name is Jackie.... I'm a drug addict. (Psychotic Laughter) Blow me.”

Pretty awesome series worth your time if you ask me.