A Killer is Coming to Your Home…What Will You Do?

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By Tabitha Makumi,

Picture this…it’s a normal looking day, as normal as it can get for a sales man. You are playing with your kids in the backyard, or rather you are watching your two kids play. Beautiful. Everything is as it should be. Nothing could ever go wrong.

The phone rings. It’s one of your old friend. You know the kind, grew up together, went through a lot of good and bad shit together and then life happened. As it always does…you grew apart…everyone moved on.

He is on the other end…only he is not calling to catch up and ask how you’ve been holding up after Ten years. Give or take. No, he does not want you to Mpesa him anything nor is he calling to tell you
about the birth of his daughter or how he would like you to accompany him to a ‘ruracio’ in Murang’a or one of those occurrences which make us bridge the gap of time with old mates.

He is scared shitless. You can tell. He is breathless and on the brink of losing his life. Someone is killing him and just before he dies, he screams out YOUR home address to his tormentors, end of phone call.

What Now? You are not dreaming, your kids are still playing in the backyard, oblivious of what just happened. You rack your brain. Why would anyone want to know where you live from a dying man’s last breath? Whomever they are, you know they are coming and they are not bring Christmas gifts with them. “They want you and they want you dead…”

That’s just a little background of Relentless, a 480 page turner authored by Simon Kernick. A fast paced novel about a Sales man who is your typical law abiding citizen but thanks to a single phone call, life as he knows it is takes one hell of a turn.

Without giving away too much, this book teaches you: One, how knowing too much can get you killed. Two, how far rich people can go to make sure their dirty linen isn’t aired in public... You know how that goes, ‘Money talks, bullshit walks…’ Three, you can’t trust the police (In case you had any doubts). Four, it leaves you wondering and questioning how well you know your friends, wife, husband and those close to you. What are they really capable of behind your back?

Enjoy ‘Relentless’