Why Are you So Quiet?


By Tabitha Makumi,
When you are quiet and "keep to yourself" sort of person, most people assume a lot of things. From she is anti-social, he is shy, she is dumb, he is insecure to she has serial killer vibes just like one of the psychotic characters in one of those one too many CSI crime dramas.

Why are you so quiet? they ask ,"You need to be more outgoing", they prescribe, like some doctor to a patient whose life is hanging only by a thread and the only panacea to this deadly disease is to talk....Talk Damn it!

I will tell you what, it sucks. Nah, not being quiet but having to explain yourself to every Tom, Dick and their brother Harry who somehow believe they have justified reasons to fix you. Because let's face it, you need to be like everyone else, you need to fit in, you need to be part of the 'cool' gang, ooh the hogwash they feed you.
Not all of us have the best social skills in the room. Some of us would rather wait for the next elevator than get in with you because we are not the kind of people who exchange empty niceties with everyone in the morning or any other part of the day for that matter.

Some of us run ideas through our minds for the hundredth time and before we can open our mouths to say something, it's already too late and you have already moved on to another topic. Some of us, are too smart to join in to some useless banter that is neither here nor there.

Some of us want to talk about how Russia and Turkey risk an outright split over Warplane while all you want to discuss is some mundane gossip you read on Ghafla. Some of us are plain dumb and we are afraid that if we open our mouths, you will discover that there's nothing much between our ears.

And maybe, some of us are serial killers, practising or not. You are free to pick one of these whenever you have the urge to ask "Jeez Ruth, si uongee. Why are you so quiet...."

The sad thing about having to explain yourself is that you end up believing something is wrong with you. That you are not tuned right. That if you do not do something about 'it' you will end up in New York Times or Time Magazine in some sort of a weird list of people to watch for since you (normal folks) don’t not know what we (quiet weirdo’s) are thinking about. It's the quiet ones you have to watch out for, right?

And then there’s the nonchalant part. The best part actually. This is when we don’t give a flying horse what everyone has to say. "Yes we are quiet, so frigging what?” Yes our social skills are abysmal but we are not going to spend our lives hang up on that silly little fact and you know what, we are fine and dandy with it so stop giving us grieve already.

So next time, don’t get irate at us if we don’t say hey in the elevator, or when we give you that “leave me alone” face while everyone around us is dying to speak and be sure not to get mad if we are tired of explaining ourselves. It’s nothing personal.

Yours truly,
The Quiet Weirdoes.