For a Great Laugh, Impastor Will Do The Trick

By Tabitha Makumi,
When last did you watch a comedy and think….Damn, this is some good stuff right here! And then you had this nagging urge to tell everyone and their mothers to watch it because you wanted them to laugh out loud just like you did after a long and miserable day?

Or….Ever watched something and all you wanted to do was talk about it with someone else who understood it just as you did? Like remember some segments of it and screech like maniacs? I live for that ish.

Take my word for it (I have good taste and my word is dope) Impastor is the kind of comedy you need to watch after a glum day. Funny doesn’t even begin to describe it. More like, the greatest comedy you’ll watch in 2015.

Quick Question…did you ever think you would live to see Michael Rosenbaum in a comedy? Well, if names escape you, Michael is the character who played a damned villain in Smallville as Lex Luther. Yap, that same bald guy will have you in stitches only this time round he has a nice head of hair on him.

Picture this; a deadbeat kind of guy is on the verge of offing himself at one those bridges where chances of survival are next to none. Only his plans are thwarted when a Good Samaritan shows up and begs him not to jump. “Life can’t be that bad. God has a plan for you,” he says. “All you have to do is trust in him and take advantage of the many opportunities he throws at your feet.”

Only the Good Samaritan ends up falling off the bridge as he tries to do what Good Samaritans always do. Which is always get into trouble or in this case, dead.

And what’s better than to “take advantage of the opportunities God throws at your feet?”  Dead beat guy seizes the opportunity, gets into the Good Samaritans car and starts off on a whole new life with a career as a faux pastor in one of those small cities which have a “happily ever after” vibe…If you’ve watched Hart of Dixie, you know what I am talking about.

I’ll tell you what, Impastor is fresh, funny and downright witty. Plus where else do you get to see a pastor who curses, breaks into some old woman’s house and sets a teenager straight with lines such as “Listen to me you little shit….”

Enjoy it.  >>