Black-ish….What Does ‘Keeping It Real’ Even Mean?

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 The big question is….Are you black or black-ish? You know, are you black ‘enough’?

If you are looking for a series to laugh out loud to, take my word for it, Black-ish is a witty and a downright funny comedy worth your time. And from where I am standing, my word is pretty damn good.

Starring the mirthful Anthony Anderson and Tracee Ellis Ross as Dre Johnson and Dr Rainbow (Bow) they are the oh perfect couple with successful careers and an ideal family but all that glory seems to come with a price tag….losing their roots

How do you keep it ‘real’ as a black man and what does ‘keeping it real’ even mean?

Does it mean giving a “nod” to every black man you come across as a sign of telling them “I see you bruh”, does it mean going all African with funny looking outfits and performing doubtful ‘African rituals’ in your background all in the name being in touch with your roots?

This comedy will have you in stitches as the patriarch tries to teach his kids what it really means to be black and failing miserably while at it.

The series also features Laurence Fishburne (Pops) who plays Dre’s father. He is a man of a different era which means he doesn’t always agree with how his son chooses to raise his family.

And my favorite line from pops? “Show me one place in the bible where a kid talks…..”

You got to watch it to get it.

And drum rolls please.....the show has been renewed for 24 episodes.