40 Lessons from a GM Who Thinks: “The Best Rap Song Is 'Dear Mama'

Tony B Karanja (Photo Courtesy)

By Tabitha Makumi

You wake up and you are 40. It’s 2029 and life is no longer the way it was back in 2016. You are lot wiser now, or at least you wish you were. Your dreams came true or maybe you ditched them along the way. 

Your body, oh, where did all the tightness go? You thought you would look like Halle Berry but you look a lot more like Wesley Snipes and all you want to do is b!tch slap all those people who say 40 is the new 20.

Too much? Alright, you are still in your twenties and everything is as it should be.

Tony B Karanja is 40 and it’s his birthday… and from where he is standing, life is great.  I met him in his office along Chaka Court off Argwings Kodhek Road.

Having being a pizza delivery guy in Missouri at one point in time to being who he is today - a General Manager for a Real Estate company, he shares 40 lessons he has learned along the way.

1. Always put God first!

2. It’s ok to unfriend people you don’t know on facebook on their birth day (Actually its most convenient)

3. Choose 5 individuals to be part of your “dream team” who have your back no matter what. CHOOSE THEM CAREFULLY!

4. Death and taxes are as much a part of life as the sunrise!

5. Take some time to smell the flowers and do the “little things”, they end up being the big things in life!

6. Always be patient, persistent and positive!

7. Hate is baggage!

8. Life is too short to be pissed off for more than 10sec!

9. Life is based on trust! Trust is not always rewarded!


11. Life sometimes is a lot like a goal keeper in a soccer team, its not the most glorious position but at least you get to play!

12. Its ok to watch a movie 10 times (scent of a woman, The usual suspects and Braveheart)

13. The pressure to perform really increases when your former school produces a president (Uhuru Kenyatta) and an Oscar award winning actress (Lupita Nyong’o) (He attended St Mary’s School)

14. Listening to Tupac in my car/house these days is like sneaking in cigarettes! I now have kids!

15. Every day may not be good but there is something good in every day.

16. You don’t have to be in a band to be in ROCKSTAR!

17. Don't be afraid to hurt people, hurt people!

18. Your kids don’t want anything from you apart from your love and your time!

19. It either gets better or it ends!

20. Save!Save!Save!

21. Win, lose or draw! Stay in the game!

22. Two of my most important words ”love and loyalty”

23. It is better to be right than to seem/look right

24. You can trust a man who doesn’t drink alcohol despite what I used to think!

25. You can’t achieve what you want to without being able to articulate it

26. The love of a beautiful/spiritual lady is priceless!

27. The night is darkest before dawn

28. Thing are never how they seem!

29. Life goes on!

30. Be phenomenal or be forgotten!

31. The best Rap song ever is “Dear Mama” by Tupac

32. Wisdom beats intelligence always!

33. The price of greatness is responsibility.

34. As much as possible try and keep your promises

35. Have a bucket list and try and tick off as many items as you can

36. Always keep feeding your mind! Self-development should never stop!

37. Repetition is the mother of excellence

38. Your faith has to be greater than your fear.

39. You will never make friends like you made in high school

40. Failure is never an option!!!