Pretend Book Club + Paid Writing “Internship”

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By Tabitha Makumi,
Once in a while you can humour yourself and do something you’ve always wanted to do but really never had the time for. You know all the stirring things which you always put at the back of your mind with a “someday” mental check but dang it, you just never seem to   start? You can have anything inspiring on that bucket list depending on how cracked you are…from knitting… Why pal of mine whose name shall not be mentioned….Why knitting…hahaha… convinced she read somewhere that it’s therapeutic and all…what do you think world?

There’s an interesting article on Independent about it. You can read it HERE just in case you are interested in embroidery lessons (I swear I am not laughing) to maybe you want to start a blog and want to know the rigmaroles of it all. Come to think of it, have you seen the advert…love the brashness of Jay Pharaoh’s part.

Laugh Out Loud...Something Fun…Something Different

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By Tabitha Makumi,
It’s been a minute since I watched one whole TV series to the very last episode without getting distracted or thinking “I know I should be doing something “worthwhile” with my time,” whatever that worthwhile could be… from reading a book, trying on a recipe on Siba's Table and should I say failing miserably at it or you know, just loafing around... could be anything really…and when you decide to sit through the whole series…you can’t help but have that arrgh moment on the third episode because you are thinking….meeeeh, I think I have watched this kind of storyline before. Doesn’t that get your goat? 

So, what do you do? Not so ditch your pissed off friends for the weekend, maybe switch off your phone (maybe)…You get all excited about this “new” show, plan how you are going to waste your Saturday binge watching it. First episode you are thinking, maybe it’s too early to judge it …let me watch the second episode, there could be some redemption after all…you get to the third episode and you are thinking “I don’t think it’s too late to get out of the house after all…” 

Teaching 12 Year Olds How To Write….Yeah I Know

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By Tabitha Makumi,
“I would like you to give a talk on what’s like to be a writer,” I laughed when a friend of mine who teaches at Riara University asked if I could advice 12 year olds on writing.

“Wait, what?!” That was me "flabbergasted" by the idea..the word is slowly growing on me. I could just use astounded but nah...flabbergasted it's.

“Did you zone out on me,” that was her staring at me waiting for some sort of response...reaction...anything...(sometimes I tend to do that….lose trail of my thoughts when someone is talking)
“Did you say teach 12 year olds how to write?” and that was me hoping that's not what she meant. Because, really?

You are at your friend’s apartment…it's Thursday evening, say around 8.30ish, you’ve just finished eating some home cooked meal, you are sitting at the sofa watching “Amanpour” on mute and your friend (who means well) has just brought up an idea you would like her to drop asap. (Btw, why do they call it "Amanpour" when she is not even hosting the show? her though)

Over-Prized Burgers & Juggling Three Books

By Tabitha Makumi,
Here goes nothing…There are a few things which I am willing to spend a few cash on without batting an eyelash. (well, maybe a little) Don't you just love a big old good juicy burger when you've had a good or a crappy day and just want to fill your mouth with some juicy, delish meat? Remember that episode on How I Met Your Mother when Ted Mosby and crew are searching for the “best burger” in New York? Well, I just wanted you to remember the episode…there’s no correlation of what I am about to write and that brilliant show.

So what do you do, you walk into Urban Gourmet at 10 freaking pm or one of those “out of your league” places if you have a few shillings to spare or when you are clearly out of your darn mind and don’t care how much you will have to part with for an good old burger. Order something cheesy and drown your sorrows away…. A good drink (Nothing hard… just a cocktail or some over the top sugary milkshake) will suffice at this point and life has never been this frigging good.

From Earning Kshs10, 000 to Building a Beauty Empire…Meet Suzie Wokabi

Suzie Wokabi, Founder of SuzieBeauty Cosmetics

 By Tabitha Makumi,
 I love creating “something” from scratch. The start, frustrations, failures, the “I think I am losing my head” part, the “aha” moments and so forth. But enough about me. Some people use that drive of “creating something” into starting their own businesses and building empires while at it. Such is Suzie Wokabi.

You know that gut feeling you have something won’t work but you still go ahead and do the thing anyway? I reached out for an interview with this super cool lady, thought my request would disappear into her spam mail, go unread or something… but what do you know!

Get to know more about the woman behind SuzieBeauty, a revolutionary Kenya’s first make-up/ beauty brand for the African woman, by an African woman!

So, what makes this lady tick? What are her fears? And just like everybody else, are there parts of her job that drive her nuts? Read on!