Making Dreams Come True With a Socks Empire! Meet Penninah

Penninah Maragia - Entrepreneur - Funky Socks

Every now and then I reach out to people who are doing “big” things with their lives and ask if they mind being featured on this awesome platform (I lie…sometimes I beg) … some folks say no mainly because they feel they do not have much to fill a page (strongly disagree) or what they are doing isn’t spectacular enough to fetch anyone’s attention. Or they come out frankly and say, “Tabitha, I don’t feel comfortable being featured online.” Which is cool, I respect that, but it’s also a bummer especially if I thought their story would be dope.

Meet Penninah Maragia. Once a fellow student at campus and boom! Next thing I know she is on NTV being interviewed by Kobi Kihara about her socks business.  Yes people, she is building an empire, all thanks to socks…

What’s this hustle all about? Read on…

Big Little Lies....When You Need a Break

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By Tabitha Makumi, 
 I have this habit, call it sort of a deliberate reading routine that I engage in. When I am done reading a rather serious or gloomy novel, my next read is always something cheerily, “Don’t stress much kind of books.” This is just my way of balancing my brain. I can’t have too much of the gloomy stuff because it will be like putting a dark cloud on my view of the world and I can’t always read the “happy, almost brainless stuff” all the time because last time I checked,  life is not all that groovy after all. Make sense?

A month ago I was reading “The Diary of a Young Girl” by Anne Frank. I know! I am always late to the darn party. I have heard quite a load about this sad novel and that’s why I never had this huge appetite of devouring the misery of a 13 year old caught up in a reprehensible, shameful and selfish world. I knew how it ends but not quite the nitty-gritties of it all. So, what’s a girl to do?

A Road Trip & A Wasted Weekend

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By Tabitha Makumi,
It’s one of those Saturday mornings...You know the ones when you are wide awake at 6.00am. Your body clock is so disciplined it deserves a darn medal. So you just lay there and stare at the ceiling. Wait, is that a spider web? And if it’s, where is the eight-legged monster? Could it be dangling over your head? Panic mode! But seriously though, you need to up your cleaning skills…maybe today…maybe tomorrow…maybe not.

Let’s call it a stay in doors kind of a weekend. As a deep rooted introvert there’s nothing else you would rather be doing than just chill out. Hear yourself think. But this doesn’t happen often. “You need to get out of the house this weekend,” one of your friends will call at around 10.00am. “Stop hiding...stop eating...stop sleeping...” and all those things “normal” people assume introverts do. Which is kinda true...when introverts find something they like, they go all in. They find this one or two things and let it consume them until it kills them.

Meeting Old Friends & Discussing My Face

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By Tabitha Makumi,
I have a friend, let’s call him Matthew (except that’s not his real name) He didn’t fancy the use of his name for this article. Relax buddy, I am not writing some scathing expose for New York Times) Apart from being a douche and all touchy feely about his real name which by the way rhymes with “Gen-eric” (Hahaha) he is a Travel Writer for Caxton Magazines in South Africa.                                                      

 ‘I am in town for a few days, can we meet up for drinks or something?” he calls on a Wednesday night, but I am kinda busy, already in my pyjamas, watching a repeat of TechKnow on Al Jazeera with a glass and a half of some cheap wine down.  I agree on a Friday after work kind of thing. We’ve known each other for a couple of years and met while interning for the National Museums of Kenya. 

Jambo Jet Digital Product Manager

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