Book Review: You are a Bad Ass

By Tabitha Makumi,
Everything now and then you may decide to switch things up in your reading habits. If that sounds like you, like it did for me, then “You are a Bad Ass,” seems like a good number to add to your home library.

With a big and a bold yellow cover, “You are a Bad Ass,” is arguably one of the best books you will get your hands on in 2019. Written by renowned author, Jon Sincero, the book will cement the idea of “Go out there and do amazing sh!t with your life” ideologies into your life.(any Gary Vee’s fans out there?) “Like what the heck are you waiting for, “You’ve got this, you are the best, you are an amazing human being, just do it.” 

The book delves on the wonders of believing that you are enough just as you are. You do not have to be anyone else. You do not have to live someone else’s life, just be you.

Climbing Mt Longonot… And Not Dying.

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 By Tabitha Makumi,
First time trying to be all outdoorsy this year. Climbing Mt Longonot. Big Ha! I will tell you what, it’s a big deal if walking to the bus station is the only exercise you get to have. Or the only short distance walk you get to have every now and then is to the shop, work (maybe) etc. But on this particular time, you decide, come hell, come high water, you will climb that mountain and gosh darn it, you will live to say, “remember that time, I climbed Mt Longonot and didn’t die after all? Ha-ha!

On this particular Saturday some place in March, no sleeping around, no doing laundry or any of those pesky chores most of us are accustomed to on the weekends. You put on some training shoes, some pants and a “Let’s do this!” attitude…because if I didn't know it that morning when I joined 10 or so like-minded thrill seekers, I sure did learn that attitude is everything!

Letting Some Books Go…or Should We?

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By Tabitha Makumi,
Ever sat down with a book, a chilled drink of whatever your poison is in one hand – at home or just anywhere cozy and halfway through “this book”, you stop, ponder and start thinking, “What in the world am I reading?” And not because the prose isn’t good enough or the characters are not as dramatic as you would have liked them to be or because the storyline is prosaic…none of that.

I don’t know what your taste in books is… maybe you love the dramatic kind (young adult I believe they are called) or the self-help books… or maybe you haven’t “grown-up” yet and you are still wondering what sort of books are “your age” or which ones are “not your age” and “Books you should have outgrown by now” anyone have an idea what that means? Now, if you are a literature fanatic or if buying books is the first thing you think of when the cheddar deities are smiling down on you (not so often as they should)…then dear oh dear, talk about sailing in the same boat.

Trevor Noah's Born a Crime : Hysterical, Eye Opening & Riveting

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By Tabitha Makumi,
Anyone a fan of Trevor Noah …that’s a rhetoric... C’mon who isn’t? I remember the first time I watched one of his stand-up comedy shows (The one where he is talking about "Nah-Meen" and “Is this you”) and that right there was my bulb moment…alright, I am exaggerating a bit here. But have you ever watched something or read something and thought… “Where have you been all this time…” everything after that becomes a before and after…no? 

I am not done reading the book yet (got a few pages to go) which is quite a bummer because it’s quite something…eye opening to begin with, kind of intense in the middle and right where I am right now…let’s just say hysterical. The Times reviews it as “Powerful, charming and clever,” while O: The Oprah Magazine calls it “Witty and brilliant,” … true to those sentiments, Born a Crime lives up to those very words to the T. 

The book is a Memoir, detailing Trevor’s childhood in South Africa during the apartheid regime. Nothing new from what you’ve heard him talk about on his stand-up shows but what’s good about the

Pretend Book Club + Paid Writing “Internship”

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By Tabitha Makumi,
Once in a while you can humour yourself and do something you’ve always wanted to do but really never had the time for. You know all the stirring things which you always put at the back of your mind with a “someday” mental check but dang it, you just never seem to   start? You can have anything inspiring on that bucket list depending on how cracked you are…from knitting… Why pal of mine whose name shall not be mentioned….Why knitting…hahaha… convinced she read somewhere that it’s therapeutic and all…what do you think world?

There’s an interesting article on Independent about it. You can read it HERE just in case you are interested in embroidery lessons (I swear I am not laughing) to maybe you want to start a blog and want to know the rigmaroles of it all. Come to think of it, have you seen the advert…love the brashness of Jay Pharaoh’s part.