There's a First for Everything... Don't Sweat It


By Tabitha Makumi,
There’s always a first for everything. Learning to ride a bike and falling your ass off a million times. Tasting your first beer or wine and realizing you love it a tad too much. (better watch out) Or learning to drive and never getting the hung of shifting gears and all that crap that makes you thank the car deities for coming up with automatic automobiles.

Well, for this lady right here, my first time reading a Paulo Coelho novel. Yeah, yeah, I know. I should be ashamed of myself. Which rock did I just crawl out of and could I just slide back right under it. Who admits to such an atrocious thing…off with their heads.

Somehow, I never got around to reading “The Alchemist” which has been read by folks who do not like books much. People who would rather watch paint dry than spend their Sunday afternoon reading a chapter or two of any book of their choosing. People who can’t stay still and finish a 200 pages Mills and Boons (cough) paperback novel. But yeah, they’ve read The Alchemist and “Oooh…it is the best darn book I have ever read,” is their favourite line.

From Strathmore University to Starting a Career in Dancing…. Meet Melsy Kamoni

Melsy Kamoni, Dancer at Sarakasi Dance Company

By Tabitha Makumi,
It’s awesome interviewing people I know. Well, for starters, it isn’t much of a hustle securing an interview with them… meaning I do not have to jump through hoops and lakes of fire for a chit-chat, which you might end up reading online.

Skype, WhatsApp or a coffee date at Java (because I am not creative or outgoing enough to think of another hang-out...hehe) “When can we do this?”  is the first question I get after broaching the idea to them and what can I tell you…in my books, that’s one of my favourite questions.

Enough of this jibber jabber…Meet Melsy Kamoni, a young lady who from the look of things is making a career out of what most of us would call a past time. A 9-5pm in a cramped office doing menial work is out of the question … instead, she is following her passion…read on.

This is Us: Career Crisis, Self-Doubt & Tears

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By Tabitha Makumi,
Confession; I get giddy like a child when I discover new TV shows on some list titled say “10 Shows You Must Watch Before You Die” on GQ or new Folk/Indie/Alternative songs on You Tube. Look at how I used that word… “Discover” how often do we say that? “Oh, I just ‘discovered’ this new show on Amazon Prime” or “I recently ‘discovered’ Rag’N’Bone songs and man are they dope or what!”

Everybody just take a chill pill, you didn’t discover jack, you just happened to stumble upon a decent show or song. C’,mon! you didn’t go on some excavation spree…nah…you just sat on your desk, wasting your employer’s internet for the better part of the day. No talent needed there, no energy required…just happenstance.

“I Feel Sick”…. Please Don’t Ask Google

Photo Credit: Huffington Post
It’s some scary shit, one night you are rubbing your neck with your favourite night cream (no, it does not do what it said it would – Rejuvenate your skin instantly and make you look like Kendall Jenner – if she were black and you were 5′ 10″ tall – bunch of balderdash) So, you are rubbing your neck idly, staring yourself in the mirror with your mind scattered to a bajillion little places.

Unfinished projects, calls you said you would make before end of day, books you swore you will be done with before the clock hit eight in the evening. But who are we kidding, you have been reading the same page for the umpteenth time. Plus you have been dealing with a bunch of snooty people throughout the day and faking a smile while at it…. Long story short, it’s been a loooong ass day and you could really use a good scream on your pillow…Or a stiff drink of something.

From Carrying Sacks of Potatoes to Birthing Kaka Empire…Meet Dennis

Dennis Kamau - Managing Partner - Kaka Empire
By Tabitha Makumi
I don’t know if he remembers this but I met Dennis Kamau way back in the day while in Campus. I was in shags and a mutual friend introduced us. We became friends on Facebook, I promised I would interview him on my blog, life happened as it always does…I  forgot about it. That was in 2012.

Fast forward to 2017. A few days ago, I reached out to him and requested for an impromptu interview. Cool chap, he didn’t take me on a round of “Talk to my P.A” sort of shenanigans which I am normally used to.