“I Feel Sick”…. Please Don’t Ask Google

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It’s some scary shit, one night you are rubbing your neck with your favourite night cream (no, it does not do what it said it would – Rejuvenate your skin instantly and make you look like Kendall Jenner – if she were black and you were 5′ 10″ tall – bunch of balderdash) So, you are rubbing your neck idly, staring yourself in the mirror with your mind scattered to a bajillion little places.

Unfinished projects, calls you said you would make before end of day, books you swore you will be done with before the clock hit eight in the evening. But who are we kidding, you have been reading the same page for the umpteenth time. Plus you have been dealing with a bunch of snooty people throughout the day and faking a smile while at it…. Long story short, it’s been a loooong ass day and you could really use a good scream on your pillow…Or a stiff drink of something.

From Carrying Sacks of Potatoes to Birthing Kaka Empire…Meet Dennis

Dennis Kamau - Managing Partner - Kaka Empire
By Tabitha Makumi
I don’t know if he remembers this but I met Dennis Kamau way back in the day while in Campus. I was in shags and a mutual friend introduced us. We became friends on Facebook, I promised I would interview him on my blog, life happened as it always does…I  forgot about it. That was in 2012.

Fast forward to 2017. A few days ago, I reached out to him and requested for an impromptu interview. Cool chap, he didn’t take me on a round of “Talk to my P.A” sort of shenanigans which I am normally used to.

A Call at 3.00am

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By Tabitha Makumi,
Sometimes you get to experience your fears in full force. You spot a spider on the wall, you reach out for the slipper to teach that eight legged freak a lesson but it’s vamoosed. Poof. Where did it go? Did it find a hiding place in your weave? Nobody knows…. that right there is real fear. Don’t look at me, who doesn’t fear spiders?

Other times you are called into the HR office “Due to the tough economic times, low sales this year …yada yada yada…we are afraid we have to let you go.” Your heart thumps so hard you can feel the heart beat in your ears. You act cool when you get back to your desk. You have two weeks to figure shit out. You act normal among your co-workers. You can’t bring yourself into telling them about the tête-à-tête you just had with the HR lady. Finally, when you are all alone in the lift at 5.30m and it’s all quiet and your demons awake… you finally feel it…Fear.

When Your Fridge is Empty & Other Stories

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By Tabitha Makumi,

I find it hard to focus when my electricity meter is reading 10.17 or thereabout. (I have been trying to write this article for the past two weeks) Now, if you’ve been in this situation (being broke), it’s a sucky situation to be in. What, the month is on its 23rd day, the fridge is looking empty save for a half bit apple in the middle shelve, a cup of Tuzo yoghurt stares back at you but you are pretty sure it’s expired. But you can’t just bring yourself into discarding it lest your sorry fridge will look like a cupboard for your warus and cabbages. Come to think of it, if you had a sleep over, one of your skinny buddies, could bank in there for the night.

I swear I am getting to the point in a bit (which is a series review). You’ll see. It will all add up. So,

Travel Consultant Job Opportunity

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Janta Kenya (Recruitment firm) is looking for a Travel Consultant with great enthusiasm for their client, a leading online travel company in Africa. You will be responsible for promoting and booking traveling arrangements for clients (individuals or businesses).

The goal is to enhance satisfaction and acquire an expanding and dedicated clientele.

  • Research various destinations and means of travel regarding prices, customs, weather conditions, reviews etc.
  • Diagnose the clients’ specifications and wishes and suggest suitable travel packages or